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Version 3.2


My greetings on behalf of whole «Adler Legion» community to you, fan of flight simulators! Before you continue to read, please answer yourself firstly following questions:

If at least one answer is «NO», we think that this project is not for you.

So, we make this project like most projects in «Rise of Flight», we will fight every weekend.

And this is more BRAIN war of the staffs, than individual superiority.

First of all, this project is a tournament between opposite Headquarters of both sides. There is important to make right tactical decision, using stratagem and the element of surprise but not only «Rush in the Center».

Strategic element of the Campaign – is the limited resources, which consumed during the conduct of hostilities. Shortage of the resources can drastically change the situation at the front. Resources' replenishment depends on the state of logistic facilities and completion of the supply tasks.

The team formation thus should be performed by a person, who will be Side Commander or group of pilots who will form the Headquarter of the Side. During the team’s organization Commander is able to assign Deputy, Squadron leaders for fighters, bombers, ground attackers; to establish plans, to distribute tasks, and to carry out organizational work in the team, if needed.

As you can see, Commander is the most important role for the Side. The Headquarter must understand the mechanics of the game, rules, distribute tasks and so on.

Thereby tasks for the rest pilots will be more simplified: they should only do what they can do best of all – flight, fight and shoot.

Team results will depend on individual skill and right decisions from Headquarter.

Campaign Structure

Campaign is design for teamwork. Combat tasks for both sides are symmetrical.

Battlefield is split into three sectors: Sectors A, B, C. Each sector has a key town in it. Front line goes through one of these Key Towns, which are places were battles are fought.

карта кампании
Figure 1 – Campaign Map

The combat operations are directed towards town capture or its defense. Victory conditions - controlling majority of key towns at the end of campaign. See details in “Campaign results calculation” section.

Battle consist of two stages, which are separate missions: Preparations and action. See details in “combat stages” section. Pause between battles – one week. This break is used for repairs and reinforcements.

This campaign has economy which uses resource points to control the amount of deployed ground forces and airplanes. See details in “Economy” Section.

Ground forces deployment and transfer is accomplished between battle stages. The maximum of units that can be transferred in limited by logistics condition. Transfer destinations are: Rear-Town. Town-Rear, Town-Town.


It is not possible to launch an offensive during this stage.

Main Objectives here are: Weakening enemy presence in towns before assault and destroying enemy logistics, which will affect their condition at the beginning of Action Stage.

Also, during this stage it is possible to complete supply missions (airlift operations). Photoreconnaissance can be used to find out the conditions of enemy town defense and logistics.


A few hours (of ingame time) later second part of the battle begins - fight for towns. It is a commanders decision for attack launch at any sector.

Also, during this stage it is possible to complete reinforcements missions to fortify towns. Photoreconnaissance can be used to find out the conditions of enemy town defense and transport hub.

Holding of each town occurs automatically if neither side begins an offensive in this sector. In this case artillery shelling takes place. Losses of the sides are minimal and proportional to the ratio of forces in the sector. In each key town, up to 20 attackers and up to 20 defense units can be deployed. If necessary, they all participate in the offensive or repulsion of enemy attacks.

Defence of each settlement occurs automatically if the enemy has launched an attack. The defender receives an advantage (since the attacker incurs heavy losses), but can not capture the strong point even if the attack is completely repulsed and the enemy is defeated.

Attack: to capture enemy positions, the command must declare an attack (counterattack if the enemy also attacks in the same sector) before the calculation of the results is started, i.e. 10 minutes before the end of the mission.

Capture of the town occurs as a result of the attack (counterattack), if the ratio of forces (including reinforced during the mission) reached 3 to 1 (the fractional part is discarded).

Example 1: Side A - attacker, Side B - defender; according to the results of the battle Side A left 5, and Side B - 2 units (5/2 = 2.5), the attack is repulsed.

Example 2: Side A - attacker, Side B - defender; according to the results of the battle Side A left 4, and B Side - 12 units, the attack is repulsed, but despite the achieved balance of forces, the B side will not capture anything, because did not conduct an attack.

Example 3: Side A - attacker, Side B is also launch an attack (counterattack); according to the results of the battle Side A left 4 and Side B - 12 units, so Side B captures the strong point.

After town capture the winner receives control over this town and victory points, Defeated side looses victory points and frontline moves towards next key town.


Ground forces for each side consist of:


Air Forces for each side consist of:

ATTENTION! It is prohibited to attack airplanes within 5 km radius of active airfields. Any violation of this rule must be supported with flight record.

ATTENTION! Entry into the forbidden 5 km zone around the active enemy airfields leads to an automatic reduction of the number of sorties for allied fighters.

ATTENTION! Service area of the airfields are limited to 1km radius from field center (the center is spawn point). When arriving to the airport it is recommended to end your flight within this area.

Logistics and rear

Map objects and reconnaissance

Objects markings

Front line is a reflection of key towns condition, if one of them is captured front line will change.

Each side is aware of the location of each key towns and transport hubs and the conditions of its own objects and ground forces.

The condition of enemy logistics and the amount of ground forces in key towns can be revealed by reconnaissance.


In order to estimate enemy ground forces strengths/rear objects condition photoreconnaissance can be accomplished. After photographs delivery precise number of enemy ground forces in reckoned town will be displayed on the map for 30 seconds.

Reconnaissance is not mandatory.

For photoreconnaissance see details in “Photoreconnaissance” section.


Resource limitation is an important factor in this campaign. Their amount is saved between the missions.

Maximum, resource stock is 255 resource points (or RP). In case resource depletion it is impossible to repair logistics objects and deploy ground forces to reinforce towns. The starting amount of resources is determined by the agreement between Commanders from both sides.

During the mission resource counter displays the quantity of them. At the mission end resource replenishment occurs: Resource counter changes in accordance with “Recourse management” section. After then the resource consumption is calculated (according to priorities). The counter cannot display negative figure.

ATTENTION! All negative numbers received as result of RP calculations are added and will affect on final victory point score.

Starting plane set replenishment rules:

Resources reception

Resources consumption

ATTENTION! Unit transfer is limited to logistics buildings condition. M*2 where M is the amount of intact logistics objects.

Text messages

Event notifications

Important events, Like destruction of friendly objects, successful recon etc…, are confirmed with text notifications. Blue for general information and red for enemy actions.

Mission remaining time is displayed every hour.


These counters are always displayed on the map:

Figure 2 - Counters

Own counters are always displayed on the map. Enemy counters that can be reckoned are located near marked in different color. These are the counters for enemy attack and defense forces and logistics objects/transport hub (5, 6, 2), the only display correct figures during 30 seconds from photoreconnaissance.

All counters are binary, but each category is displayed for convenience. In order to use it, it is necessary to add these figures.

Resourse counter example
Figure 3 - Resource calculation examples: A=128+2+1=131 B=64+32+16+8+2=126 C=64+32+16+8+2=122

How and when to fixate mission results

Action stage duration – 3 hours, preparation stage – 2 hours. Mission ends as time elapses.

After server start countdown timer starts, additional time is given for all participants to safely connect to the server. During additional time airfields are inactive.

Standard game timer can be used to check time left in the mission. 3 minutes before mission end

Special text massage will be displayed. In order to fixate mission results 3 screenshots must be done:

Пример скриншота состояния объектов
Figure 4 – example of object condition screenshot
Пример скриншота с остатком самолетов
Figure 5 – example of the aircraft remaining screenshot

ATTENTION! Print screen cannot be reliably used for fixating mission results. Use programs like Fraps instead.

Campaign Geography


Battle occurs throughout three frontline sectors (Kuban map): sectors A, B and C

The sector A consist of (From west to east): Petrovskaya (0520), Grivenskaya (0322), Novonikolaevskaya (0324), Dneprovskaya (0327), Timashevskaya (0328)

Sector B consist of: Anastasievskaya (0720), Slavyanskaya (0722), Ivanovskaya (0725), Andreevskaya (0626), Novovelichkovskaya (0727)

Sector C consist of: Krimskaya (1121), Abinskaya (1122), Ahtyrskaya (1123), Severskaya (1126), Krasnodar (0928)

At the beginning of the campaign first two (from the list) towns in each sectors is under German control and last two under soviet control. Third town is being contested.

Front line in each sector lying through these contested towns, where opposing ground forces are located. Warehouses are located near each of them.


Initial location of the airfields:



In case of frontline changes and any of the main airfields is less than 30km from any of the contested towns, this airfield will be relocated at the commanding officer discretion. Custom main airfield relocation can be accomplished only between battles and if sufficient amount of resources is present.

Reserve airfield is fixed.

Rear objects

Transport Hubs

During action stage each side has Transport hub active, It is used to deliver resources to the front. Their locations are: German - Port Novorossiysk (1319), Soviet – Railroad station Voronezhskaya (0733). Each has corresponding marker on the map.


During prepration stage each side has transport objects, located near the transport hubs. There are responsible for units transfer in each sector. Their destruction limits the deployment of ground forces is towns.

Figure 6 - Novorossiysk
Figure 7 - Voronezhskaya

Teams and aircrafts


Airplanes are limited to 12 per type. Each airfield has fixed number of departures, if exceeded, airfield becomes inactive.

Inactive airfield becomes active with only 1 departure available every 10 minutes (doesn’t add up)

Maximum amount of fighter departures: for preparation stage - 38 and for action stage - 57

Maximum amount of ground attack departures: for preparation stage - 25 and for action stage - 37

Possible payloads follow the rules: fighters without bombs and additional gunpods (excluding P-40E, Bf-109E7, I-16 and Macchi), CAS planes and bombers - without bombs over 250kg (excluding 500kg for He-111)

Airplanes replenishment

Each side has a reserve airfield: Reserve.

If necessary, airplanes can be delivered from reserves to main ones.

ATTENTION! Reserve airplanes have no ammo.

ATTENTION! Delivery to the inactive airport is impossible.


Mission is designed for 20 players per team.

Fighter/ ground attack roles are at the commander discretion.

If teams are unbalanced results are valid nonetheless.



Airlift mission is a task for the Preparation Stage only. Both Sides receive two aircrafts with names: Transport 1, Transport 2 of two types - Pe-2, Ju-52 for the Red Side and He-111, Ju-52 for the Blue Side on Command&Transport N airfields for this task (where N - corresponds with number of tranport). For example, Pe-2 and Ju-52 named Transport 2 will be on airfield Command&Transport 2.

Be careful – the aircrafts have personal numbers and a complex system of the triggers. Simultaneous usage of planes with same name (Transport N)  is impossible (triggers will not work). Consider second type of Transports as reserve aircraft. These planes are not restored and if the plane is lost, amount of the available transferred resources during the mission would be decreased. One HE-111 delivers +4 units of resources, PE-2 +2 units, JU-52 +6 units.

In order to start the mission, it’s needed to taxi to the cargo loading area located in front of the hangar and designated by a watch-fire. Stop there and wait for the message about start of the loading procedure (about 10 seconds for message appearance). The message about takeoff clearance will appear when loading will be completed. Time for loading is 5 minutes. Simultaneous loading of several aircrafts is allowed. All messages related to the airlift operations are appeared in upper-left corner of the screen.

After arrival to the assigned airfield, the aircraft should taxi to the cargo loading area in front of the hangar, stop there and wait till a cargo is unloaded. After that next flight is permitted.

ATTENTION! In case of usage of Ju-52 during unloading procedure you need to open transport door and activate unloading (by button "Drop of bombs"), it needs to be done for trigger activation. Also, before starting the second airlift run, after coming back to the starting airport and before receiving new cargo, it is necessary to end this flight and spawn again.

Схема выполнения миссии
Figure 8 – Scheme of the mission logic

When loading/unloading procedure is started – the cargo truck appears in front of the hangar and disappears after the procedure is complete. This is visual indication-confirmation of the load/unload procedure. Trucks appear in location with accordance to the number of the aircraft.

The truck for the Transport 1 appears at the left side of the hangar, for the Transport 2 - in the middle between gates of the cargo hangar.

Транспортный ангар и нумерация грузовиков
Figure 9 – Cargo hangar and trucks enumeration

ATTENTION! Be aware that transport planes have numbers, like «Transport 1». These numbers are used for a complex system of triggers. Internal mechanism of the mission building doesn’t recognize which plane is landed on the start airfield – number of landed plane would be always reset and the first empty number would be assigned to the returned plane.
To conteract this renumeration, the mainteance radius of transport field is set to 70 meters, and those areas are marked with flags. Flag quantity corresponds to the name of the transport airplane: if you want to end flight of Transport 2, you must taxi to the location marked with two flags and end your flight there.

ATTENTION In the case of the relocation of the main airfield, airlift destination point will also change.

ATTENTION! Be aware that cargo plane cannot be maintained (refueled and repaired) on this airfield, so if the flight is finished there – the plane will be lost. Transport planes are maintained only on the start airfield.

Reinforcements transfer

During Action Stage each side can Reinforce key towns by completing supply/troops drop missions.

At the mission end each successful drop will add +1 unit to defense or +0.5 unit to attack forces.

In order to initiate reinforcement mission Supply Ju-52 from ground attack airfield must be used.

By choosing cargo air-drop load out +1 to defense will be added to the town, Paratroopers will add +0.5 to attack

Reinforcement mission consist of taking Supply Ju-52 with corresponding load out, travelling to the necessary town (icon Drop point), locating the truck which will launch a flare, dropping cargo from the airplane. 1 minute from the drop text message will appear on the screen. Drop zone is the sphere with 700 meters radius

This mission can be repeated using multiple Supply aircrafts simultaneously. But cargo drop must be in sequence.

ATTENTION! Supply Airplane is a subject to standard departure rules. Successful reinforcement missions will consume resources.


This mission can be accomplished during both preparation and action stages. Its goal is to measure enemy strengths in town using photoreconnaissance. This can help command in taking decisions on attack directions.

For this mission, main bomber airfield has a special plane named Recon. This plane has to fly over the towns in any order at an altitude of 6000 m (6 seconds) and return to the base airfield. After landing, there will be same unload procedure as by Airlift operation (3 minutes).

All phases of the task (beginning, making pictures, start and finish unload procedure) will be noticed with the subtitles in upper-left corner of the screen.

ATTENTION! Recon airplane is accounted for in departure and losses calculations.

Ground forces control

Short guide for command officers on how to control their ground forces.

Attack initiation

At the start of the Action stage the commanders have ability to initiat attacks in one or several towns.

In order to do that, a corresponding truck, located on the command airfield, must be destroyed using aircraft turret. There are total of three trucks. Each of them is connected to its own town. Numeration is from left to right (from turret gunner position): First one is connected to sector A, second-sector B, third-sector C.

If the enemy had launched its own attack in one of the towns or you have less than 10 attack units in town (without units from «Reinforcements transfer» operation), corresponding truck disappears.

ATTENTION! Once initiated attack cannot be stopped.


Campaign duration (quantity of the Battles) is determined by the Side Commanders before the start of Interactive War.

Victory Point is point that Side gains for the controlled Strong Points. Victory points will be counted when the campaign is finished.

See table below, which explains Territory control value of each Strong Point. The Strong Point located far from the frontline is the most valuable.


Territory control points are calculated (each team has 15 points after start). Resulting amount is multiplied by 100 and then all recourse shortages are deducted.

The result number is team Victory Point score.

If the Sides have equal quantity of the Victory Points, then Victory is awarded to the Side that has more resources.


Project participants

  • ACES
  • AxA
  • KAG
  • I./JG 1
    I./JG 1
  • ROSS
  • SG 2
    SG 2
  • RFF
  • II./JG 51
    II./JG 51
  • FPS
  • 4./JG 52
    4./JG 52
  • JGr 8
    JGr 8
  • I./KG 53
    I./KG 53
  • M
  • LwS
  • 102nd YU
    102nd YU
  • 1st CL
    1st CL
  • DED
  • MAG
  • LLv34
  • EAF
  • V
  • 2ndSS
  • SDPG
  • 19FAB
  • J13
  • LeR 3
    LeR 3
  • ZG 1
    ZG 1

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