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«...awakened at midnight, we hear sounds of thunder... or these are the echoes of past war?»
Interactive war(InWar) - is a project about memory and respect. Respect to all who had gone through the fire of Second World War. By trying to recreate these terrible events in our virtual sky, we realise that even greatest struggle  that can be here cannot be compared to what veterans had lived through. We need to remember that.

As a fundament we have a pseudohistorical campaign which allows players to control ground troops in real time.  Two armies will clash in uncompromising battle for territories. With limited resources tactics and strategy will play the crucial role. Organization, planning, ability to predict enemy actions - is a key to success. Every pilot here - is just a tiny piece of the huge machinery of war and only together they can win.

Game server is protected by password and is up only for the event time.  Server difficulty settings: warm engine is on, fuel selection is locked, loadouts are locked for some planes, penalty for Side switch is on, death penalty is off.

Victory by territories

The winner is determined by the end of campaign by amount of points gain from capturing enemy strong points. Every breakthrough will give different amount of points, depending on importance of the sector and depth of the breach.


Everything else in secondary: it is possible to destroy any number of targets, use less resources, but lose in the end. Even if several territories were captured in the beginning of the campaign, it is necessary to hold them until the end. And the only way to do that is by following the carefully planned strategy.


Details in section "Rules"

“Team vs Team” Format

War is a clash of two armies. Army - is a discipline and organization. Planning, organization and coordination of all participants in InWar in done by HQ. Commanders of both sides by using all available resources will plan every operation and will change those plans depending on reconnaissance reports or other factors during the battle. By analyzing results from previous battles HQ can predict enemy moves. Also, HQ can independently choose where and when to start new attack or demonstration feint.


In order to implement these plans every squad is assign with the mission. Every squad leader knows what and how he needs to do and every pilot understands what he is needs to do and why. The only goal is -  victory, and it is only achieved by accomplishing tasks given by HQ and all the pilots will accomplish them as a TEAM.


Details in section "Rules"
Cooperation between Army and Air force is a key to victory

The goal of aerial combat in InWar - is to achieve aerial superiority in order to increase effectiveness of bombers, recon and ground attack airplanes, and repel enemy attacks.


Only by supporting ground troops it is possible to succeed in attack or defense, cause only ground troops can assault and capture territories.


Details in section "Rules"
Preparation stage

The first stage in any battle is the time of ground attack airplanes. Attacking enemy targets in the rear in order to create favorable conditions for ally ground troops and weaken enemy by exhausting his resources.


Also only during preparations stage important tasks such as airlift and spy infiltration can be accomplished.


Details in section "Rules"
Action stage

Action stage consist of: Attack and defense of strong points by ground forces with air force support, air cover for ground troops during their deployment, air cover for warehouses, frontline recon to determine enemy attack direction, Photo recon of enemy warehouses... And all that with strong enemy opposition.


Action stage is a test for HQ, test for its planning and organization efforts. The results of that test is a change in frontline location.


Details in section "Rules"


Money is a blood of war. Every action, such as deployment of reserves, casualties’ replenishment, will lead to resources consumption.The condition of logistic facilities will affect the resources replenishment rate. Also, resources replenishment rate can be increased by player’s efforts.Any waste of resources will eventually lead to exhaustion.


The condition of logistic facilities not only affects resources but ability to deploy tanks and defense lines in sectors. Thus it is possible to stop any enemy activity in one of the sectors.


Details in section "Rules"

Airplanes replenishment

During combat losses are unavoidable, and sooner or later there will be no airplanes ready for action. In this case it is possible to replenish airfields during the mission.


HQ might order to bring required airplanes from the rear. All airplanes from reserve come with minimum of fuel and no ammo. Refueling and rearming is done upon arrival at frontline airport.


Details in section "Rules"

Detailed records of service

Reward mechanic in InWar, although not always historical, will allow commanders to award distinguished pilots. This will give commanders the opportunity to express their appreciation of pilot actions during combat. For example: spotting enemy advancing tanks or destroying enemy warehouse…


Another feature of reward system - is dividing rewards between pilot’s virtual lives. Dead or captured pilot will lose all his ranks and awards. This will, to some degree, simulate the fear of death in a game.


Details in section "Rules"

Project participants

  • ACES
  • AxA
  • KAG
  • I./JG 1
    I./JG 1
  • ROSS
  • SG 2
    SG 2
  • RFF
  • II./JG 51
    II./JG 51
  • FPS
  • 4./JG 52
    4./JG 52
  • JGr 8
    JGr 8
  • I./KG 53
    I./KG 53
  • M
  • LwS
  • 102nd YU
    102nd YU
  • 1st CL
    1st CL
  • DED
  • MAG
  • LLv34
  • EAF
  • V
  • 2ndSS
  • SDPG
  • 19FAB
  • J13
  • LeR 3
    LeR 3
  • ZG 1
    ZG 1

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